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Silpada Jewelry Sets



Estate Vintage Silpada Necklace & Earrings LOT SET 925 Sterling Silver Beaded




Silpada Sterling Silver Bezel Set Amethyst Pendant Necklace


Silpada Bezel Set Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Scroll pendant


Silpada SET Sterling Silver & Patina Brass Cayman & Fresco N3114 Earring W3155


Silpada Bezel Set Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Danty Scroll Necklace N1240


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Popcorn Necklace N1106, Uptown CZ Pendant S0979


Silpada Set Necklace Bracelet & Earrings Crystal Pearl Cloisonne Carved Beads


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Sponge Coral Necklace N1563 & B1695 Bracelet $165


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Howlite Turquoise Necklace N2193 Earring W2213 $168


Silpada N2112 Triple Strand Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver & Earrings Set


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Glass 35" Long Necklace N1503 & Earrings W1681 $203


Silpada HTF Set 17" Snake Wheat Omega Necklace Chain N0603 S1744 Paisley Pendant


Silpada HTF Set 17" Popcorn Necklace N1106 & "Uptown" CZ Pendant S0979 Set


Silpada Sterling Silver "Stiletto" N2800 Necklace and W2796 Earrings set


silpada patina shield sterling silver long necklace and earrings set


Silpada SET Sterling Silver, Brass 38" Long Necklace N2150 Earrings W2060 $248


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Cascading Necklace N1900 & Earrings W1873 $248


Silpada SET, Sterling Silver, Brass, Pearl, Necklace N1947 W1974 Earrings $145


Silpada SET Sterling S. Magnesite Necklace N2195 Turquoise Earrings W1290 $138


Silpada Set Silver Copper Pearl Eight-Strand Necklace N1366 & Earrings W1897


SILPADA Dainty Sterling Silver & Pyrite Pyramid Pendant Necklace & Earrings Set


Silpada SET, Sterling Silver Agate Necklace N1822 Wood Bracelet B1662 $253


Silpada Set N2189 & B2180 Pearl Silver


Silpada SET Howlite Wood Pearl Necklace N1786 Earrings W1431 Retired! $131


Silpada SET SS Turquoise Tiger's-Eye Necklace N1858 & W1290 Earrings $148


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Amethyst Necklace N2104 B2085 Stretch Bracelet $188


Set Silpada Sterling Silver Coin Crystal Necklace N1713 & Earrings W1757 $163


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Coin Pearl Necklace N1717 Bracelet B1850 $228


Silpada Set Silver Leather "Layered Leaf" Necklace N3224 Earrings W3274 New!


Silpada N1585 Retired Heart Pendant Necklace W1586 Retired Heart Earrings Set


Silpada Fiesta Fun Coral & Abalone Sterling Silver Necklace & Earrings Set


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Popcorn Necklace N1106, Button Pearl Pendant S1211


SET, Silpada Sterling Silver Toggle 35" Long Necklace N1503 Earring W1757 $173


SET, Silpada Sterling Silver Brass Necklace N1729 Bronze Pearl Bracelet B1706


Silpada Set Silver Brass Druzy "Ode To Geode" Necklace N3096 Earrings W3147 New!


Silpada Coin & Crystal Necklace N1713 & W1757 Silver Glass Earrings Set


Silpada SET, CZ Magnesite Necklace N2857 & Earring W2837 Set Retired! $208


Silpada SET Bronze Pearl Pen Shell Necklace N1803 Earrings W1431 Retired! $131


SILPADA Sterling Silver Flower Pendant Necklace and Earrings set


SILPADA New White/Brass Necklace And Earrings Set


Silpada N1500 Black Glass Bead Silver Necklace Strand Onyn S1123 Pendant 2pc Set


Silpada Garden Whimsy Flower Sterling Silver Necklace N3242 Earring W3285 Set


Silpada SET Sterling Silver Popcorn Necklace N1106 Etched Pendant S1954 $151